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Quick Name,Quick Fame,Quick Money!

The crisis in our mind, behaviour and relationship with each other. This teachings transcand all man-made boundaries of rituals, religions, beliefs, nationalistic sentiments and sectarian outlook; teachings, besides being relivent to the young and modern people and timeless and universal to learn shortcut to anything and everything and how to earn name fame and money.

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Idea Man,Consultant &
Social Activist

To help, Advice, Counselling, Consulting and A Guide
"Shortcut to Anything N Everything"

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Mission Vision Action

Baba K.Subramani Iyer
Chief Trustee

Baba K. Subramani Iyer (Beggar) born in Brahmin family on 21st February 1960 in Tambaram, Kancheepuram District, Tamilnadu. As a young boy,he was Handsome, Brave, Fearless, Spritual and Energetic. Dramatic life changing underwent certain mystical experiences and Miracles happen in Ambarnath district, Thane, Maharashtra when he failed in 9th standard, beacuse of that he run away from his house in the year 1976, without telling father and mother to Tiruvannamalai,Tamilnadu. In that period he met lots of peoples, Sadhus, Sanyasis, Saints, Mahatmas, Gurus, Mahagurus, Astrologers and Nadi Jothi Nilayam people.Not only in Tamilnadu and all over India some of the people told me in front of your name add "Baba", it will be benefit and success to you as well as to the people.

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Kings of Entertainments

Wedding Planner
Magic shows
Birthday Party
Star Nite
Comedian Nite
Disco Nite
D.J Shows
Music Directors Nite
Playback Singers Nite
Dancers Nite
Fashion Shows
Kishore Kumar Nite
Mohammed Rafi Nite
Mukesh Nite
AtoZ Variety Shows
All the above shows will be conducted in Hindi and Tamil Languages only.

Our Baba Say: Victory To the Lord
I am not a Guru, Mahatma, Sannyasin, Messiah, Missionary Leader or God. My effort is totally new to help the society,the poor and the needy people.I am only a beggar.