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Baba K.Subramani Iyer
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Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Baba K. Subramani Iyer (Beggar)
born in Brahmin family on 21st February 1960 in Tambaram, Kancheepuram District,Tamilnadu.On seeing the child granny,grandfather,my mother (Smt.Yamuna Krishnamurthy) & my father(S.Krishnamurthy Iyer),the astrologer prophesied "The Supernatural Signs indicate that the new born will bring deliverance to the whole world"As a young boy, he was Handsome, Brave, Fearless, Spritual and Energetic. Dramatic life changing underwent certain mystical experiences and Miracles happen in Ambarnath district, Thane , Maharashtra. when he failed in 9th standard, beacuse of that he run away from his house in the year 1976, without telling father and mother to Tiruvannamalai, Tamilnadu. In that period he met lots of peoples, Sadhus,Sanyasis,Saints, Mahatmas, Gurus ,Mahagurus, Astrologers and Nadi Jothi Nilayam people. Not only in Tamilnadu and all over India some of the people told me in front of your name add "Baba", it will be benefit and success to you as well as to the people of our Country.
I received the blessings of all mahaguru's in the Pournami Day Sri Ramana Maharishi, Sri Yogi RamSurat Kumar and Sri Seshadhri Swamigal from Tiruvannamalai. The above saintly people blessed me to be a future maker, help, advice, counselling, consulting and a guide to the poor and needy people. Since 1976 till today after being 35 years(Thirty Five Years) of struggling,hard questions,hardwork & A to Z Business experiences in the field of Advertising, Entertainment and Films in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. In this period i have visited many Temples, Churches, Mosque and Gurudwara. By that experiences i came to know "All God is One and SABKA MALIK EK". "Make detachment to world and attachment to Hard Work, Meditation and Faith in God is Fame, Name and Money". I will teach you the easy, simple & effective style and technique to earn Name, Fame and Money and also how to live peacefully and be always happy. Shortcut to anything N everything."work for 65 days and earn for 365 days".
This life for me is an aim to help country as well as society. So i started "Raghavi Charitable Trust" in the year 2010. If you have much give off your wealth and if you have little give of your heart, selfless public service people expecting any return should increase, stop working you will die soon and start working you will live more. You are born to live, Not live just because you are born.From 1976 to till today he spent most of his time with the public discussions,struggling,investigating,travelling and talking to people like Industralists,Professionals,Sportsman,Scholars,Monastries,Piligrims spots of all religions leaders,small and big business people,poor,rich,artists,musicians,film stars,shop keepers,vendors,press,media,radio and TV and Films etc. So i am not a Guru,Mahatma,Sannyasin,Messiah,Missionary,Leader or God. My effort is totally new to help the society,poor and the needy people. So Always keep your chin high,do not retire,move on and change cannot happens overnight, it take years So Still Learning and I am only a beggar.

Idea Man,Consultant &
Social Activist

To help, Advice, Counselling, Consulting and A Guide
"Shortcut to Anything N Everything"

Blessings of Mahaguru

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