All God is One

If you realise that all gods are one and all paths are lead to god,you will never waste your Precious life in Magic,Miracles,Rituals & Religious Quarrels.So hardwork & Proper use of funds and yours small contribution of money & money can save our society and our country for future & hi-tech development. so please kindly donate generously to help help and help.

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In Favour Of "Raghavi Charitable Trust"
1.Bank & Branch : IDBI Bank Dombivli West, District Thane, Maharastra, India
Saving Account Number : 617104000039570
IFS Code : IBKL0000617

2.Bank & Branch : ICICI Bank Dombivli (East), District Thane, Maharastra, India
Saving Account Number : 008801027450
IFS Code : ICIC0000088

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